Alchemia way

We choose only the best of nature to care for our animal friends.


AlchemiaLand is the exclusive line of products dermo soothing designed by Alchemy Way to respond to the needs of animals, with particular reference to horses, dogs and cats. Its formulation is 100% natural and 100% vegan.

Thanks to the active ingredients contained in the essential oils and other organic ingredients carefully selected for their properties phytotherapy, AlchemiaLand is an innovative product and effective. Its formulation is free of alcohol and only contains a food preservative.

Allows you to soothe and nourish in depth the skin of the animals and promotes the natural restoration of optimal conditions skin in any situation of stress from external aggression.

We have formulated AlchemiaLand – after a search for about two years – with the same care is dedicated to a product for human use because we believe that the sensitivity and the skin of the animals we love require the utmost consideration.

Always the animals live in symbiosis with nature and that is why we have designed for them a remedy that would be the most environmentally responsible way of some laws and natural balance.

The choice of essential oils that make up the mixture, for example, has not been made only on the basis of the property “therapeutic” of each oil, but also on the basis of the harmony of their notes of fragrance and the impact they can have with the emotional world of animals. For their empathy with natural world, animals are extremely more sensitive than us men to the properties of each individual plant, and their immediate reactions.

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